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Last night’s dinner in trendy burb… October 30, 2009

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One good thing about trendy burbs is the great restaurants.  Not a lot of good little neighborhood spots like a real city, but some tasty faire.  Our neighborhood Applebee’s may have folded in the economic downturn, but our trendy burb bistros are booming! Our personal economic downturn means we shouldn’t frequent them, but TDB…we needed a night out!

It was a scrumptious meal…I verbally “yummed” my way through the mashed potatoes.  Before my apparently life altering Julie & Julia experience, which launched this blog and my return to loving food, I was at war with all edibles except organic baby greens and raw nuts…If you read too much, “they” make you think all food is evil!  Nothing you put in your mouth is safe for you or the environment…

Last night even Husband, the science guy, noticed the inordinate number of blondes in the joint.  It must have truly been a mathematical anomaly with a visual pattern, or some crap like that for him to notice.  They were all ages too…botoxed grandmas with their blonde bobs to pony tailed sprites staying up too late.  It was Husband’s idea to play Wonder Boys during coffee – he clearly had his right brain fully functioning this evening.  If you have seen that great flick, you know that they make up stories about who they see while people watching…

Now it was time for the floor show…We were seated in a booth on a dais (weird huh? you feel like your are eating on stage)…right below we had a table of 20 somethings whose conversation was lead by Taffy Summer.  Taffy was the bosses daughter and sometime hostess here at trendy burb bistro.  Her real purpose was to supply drugs to the staff. Here as a customer tonight, Taffy and her entourage were visited by practically every member of the wait staff. Not so clandestinely there to set up their drop times and places.  Her entourage included Garcia and his date we never could name, but she looked like a Greek-American princess I knew in college.  Biff, her long waisted date, newly graduated from law school was still mourning his stifled athletic success.  Stifled due to his freakishly short legs.  Talking to her date of unfortunate and disproportionate stature and their compadres, “Taffy’s” real voice wafted up to us…”I have degrees in marketing and nursing…”

Husband and I bumped fists.  We had nailed it.  Perfect background for a drug dealer with daddy issues!

This whole event was possible because Tiger Sonora was “born.”  My other self would have worried about my Karma for ripping on everyone.  I may have still done it half heartedly, buy with major guilt.  It was a great escape from my nose dive towards 50, the news this week of Dad’s cancer diagnosis, and my giant ball of angst I have been carrying around like one of the blue inflatables for exercise…Whew!  What a great evening! (I wore blue jeans by the way…) I couldn’t wait to blog about it! 

Blogging is so much more fun that writing professional analysis and positions and spinning the organization at the whim of those with power.  “Blog” is such a great word…While supposedly derived from “web log”, my visual of is of a bundle of  emotionally charged words blurging out into web space…you never know when and if they’ll land.  And if you are out there see it coming towards you and you don’t want to get hit by the blurge, you just hit a button!  I love it!


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